Performance Without Limits™

Pat Palmer, Leo Burnett

Jim provided solid, inspired leadership, clarity of vision, strong communication, stabilizing a chaotic environment. He's an honest, couragous man unafraid to make tough decisions and stand accountable.

FIXING Business

"Jim is a widely talented and experenced manager of the most complex, intense situations that can arise. The bigger and more global the account, the more more pressurized the environment, the more Jim is able to cut through the distractions and get the right pieces in place to solve the most critical issues and move forward effectively.

Trip Foster, Outdoor Roadmap

Jim's  clarity of judgment, command of the digital landscape and desire to roll up his sleeves make him a rare breed in today's environment. His hands-on leadership style set the example of how to behave productively, efficiently and with integrity.



DrivingPerformance Without Limits™  to Execution

MoorePerformance Without Limits™

Jim Moore --  T248 982.4600  --

Performance Without Limits™" has led to over $100 million of new business wins and starting four successful entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Created a SaaS eLearning company and grew it from idea to Private Equity sale.
  • Developed and created an industry first data-rich web platform as President of Remington Outdoor.
  • Led development of a $600 million Media Joint Venture that delivered 20% media buying savings.
  • Raised $10 million of initial investment for Bcom, a B2B agency network, now known as Gyro.
  • Created a media barter company to capitalize on the economic challenges of the recession that was, latter absorbed by the market leader.

Jim has been a fixer of business organizations and brand positions while leading New York, Detroit and Los Angeles operations for Interpublic and Omnicom entities and in the process saved over $150 million of business.

  • Spearheaded integrated global campaign and new structure for Compaq Computer in 80 countries enabling the company to capitalize on the tech shakeout occurring post-9/11.
  • Re-engineered Leo Burnett Detroit while President, from a traditional agency to an idea factory using digital, experiential, print and TV.
  • Increased Cadillac global sales by 9.6% while at Leo Burnett through a strategic shift of focusing on performance with the Led Zepplin based "Breakthrough" campaign.


Without Limits™

SCALING Business

3-Step Plan of Performance™

The mindset ofPerformance Without Limits™  provides the ability to dream and set goals, but to achieve the goal a disciplined planning process is necessary.  

Jim developed a disciplined 3-Step Plan of Performance™  based on the principles  Set the Plan, Work the Plan, Live the Plan™.   The 3-Step Plan of Performance™ drives the goal from a plan to achievement.


Jim has led and built businesses around the world, working in automotive, technology, fast food, travel and hard goods while at Leo Burnett, McCann-Erickson and FCB. 

  • Established Jeep as a Worldwide brand with expansion into 52 countries.
  • Expanded General Motors and McCann-Erickson into Central/Eastern Europe and Russia when the Berlin Wall came down.
  • Opened the first McCann-Erickson office in China and launched Opel in China, SE Asia and Taiwan.
  • Integrated the Chevrolet brand throughout South America through use of World Cup Soccer Sponsorship.

Jim has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, North and South America. Personally and professionally, Jim has traveled to 78 countries.